Ramblings of a Psycho Idiot

My images aren't working!!!! I'm trying to get them fixed, honest, just gimme some time. As soon as I get back from sheparding the little idiots around the CPA. While I'm waiting to go, however....

I'm stuck in an elevator with Michael Shanks

Heh....couldn't help myself.

Oh, my God. My friends are idiots. They actually made The Aku Fanlisting. And I actually joined it.

I'm thinking about splitting this page up into sections, so that it'll be easier to find shit, but until then, you'll just have to look for yourself.

//Yu-Gi-Obsessed||Seto||Elagantly Flowing Jackets\Special Forces: The Official FF8 SeeD Fanlisting Damn, but I am one diverse little bitch.


These are my listings and cliques. Read. Join. Enjoy.